Universal works towards developing strong event brands or identities that can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition and support with cost-effective ideas combined with modern digital technology.

From creating content to managing complex marketing campaigns, we offer easy, affordable branding options for your event work matching with your size budgets.


logo design

We believe that a good logo design is a very crucial part of the event identity and can leave a lasting impression of the event in the minds of those associated with it. Universal follows a systematic methodology to conceptualize logos to design a distinctive logo for the event or any corporate.

brand identity

Good branding inspires trust. Universal teams work with clients to ensure that their events branding is consistent, unique and impressive.

brochure design

Universal Design teams works with the clients to understand the event concept and marketing objectives to draft contemporary graphic designs and layouts using photography, art, professional content, infographics, layout, special printing, etc to ensure a customized but befitting medium of communication.

print services

Universal has access to the latest machinery and cutting-edge technology to handle all printing and branding requirements. Our printers have the ability to print on a wide variety of media, giving our clients range and flexibility.

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