Universal team plans the events keeping the event concept in mind along with the realities of the physical site, budget constraints and the consideration and concerns of clients, to deliver a seamless event, that is safe, exceeds clients expectations.


Venue sourcing

Universal will recommend venues matching with the event requirement based on the budget, estimated event size, and space requirements. Our expert advice includes Event Venue Selection based on Target Audience/Guest Size, accessibility, Climatic Conditions, Venue History & Services including Parking facility, Security Arrangements, venue Staff, Restrictions, Additional Services and Venue Fees.

Venue logistics

Universal manages all logistics providing a seamless support managing logistical requirements, tasks and operational processes – including conference & exhibition setup, delivery of physical props, installation of all audio visual equipment, Performers Equipment, sound checks and rehearsals, exhibitor items installations, access times to lading docks, gates, lift access, scissor lift hire, security safety fencing, etc.

Delivery Management & Loading Schedules

Delivery management is more than just getting the loading bay to work seamlessly across an endless list of exhibitors and event suppliers. Universal Teams make sure that all suppliers have under taken and completed the necessary inductions, security checks and have the equipment appropriately tested and tagged to meet the venue standards.

Traffic Management

Universal values Traffic management to ensure a successful event and the safety of all VIPs, guests, patrons, speakers, delegates and suppliers.  A well planned and communicated traffic management schedule as well as emergency response system is necessary for all public events, or those with a great deal of event logistics revolving around equipment and delivery.

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