exhibitions designFABRICATION & LOGISTICS

We work with exhibition contractors who invest a lot of time to understand our customers and requested exhibition design objectives. The contractors work with clients to design and create environments that display your brand’s core values. From inception to completion, our contractors can manage distinctive exhibition stands, kiosks and display units.



Universal Exhibition Team manages and supervises the entire exhibition set-up ensuring the shaping and the installation of exhibition stands, events, kiosks display units, and retail fit-outs as per floorplan. The team works with exhibition contractors to manage the installation as per norms of the event venue which is a vital step in our production process and ensures customer satisfaction.


In order to design and organize a website to its optimal functionality, our digital team will develop customized CMS to enable users to contribute, share, control and facilitate data storage, formatting, indexing, publishing, layout, presentation, search and retrieval of data in the form of text, graphics, animation, video, etc.


Our contractors invest a lot of time to understand customers, their competition, and their exhibition design objectives. The booth /stand designs blend innovation, brand application, visitor engagement experience and interactivity to enhance their image and ensure that their booths have maximum footfall and visibility.


Our in-house experienced graphic design team consistently delivers unique and innovative stand designs with a view to transform empty spaces into appealing and highly memorable advertisements for their business.


Universal works with exhibition contractors who have in-house creative craftsman and production specialists facilitating expert manufacturing, construction and installation of booth displays showcasing fine woodwork, sophisticated lighting, high quality interior finishing and multimedia and audio-visual systems, etc. to provide an all-encompassing experience.


Universal works with exhibition organizers to promote the event and ensure that it receives maximum visibility and registration through strategic marketing efforts. Our digital team will ensure that the website provides clear information and easy navigation for visitors. Further, we will leverage on e-mail marketing and social media marketing as a power tool to gain exposure.


Universal provides an extensive range of furniture, furnishing, plasmas and LED TVs to projectors and screens, etc. on rental basis.

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