From websites to mobile apps to social media marketing, Universal team of digital and social media experts works to create fulfilling digital experience to reach, engage and inspire a wider audience integrating the latest technologies into your events.



As an integral part of branding and marketing communications, Universal can create mobile apps to attract customers, showcase products and services and serve as valuable brand touch-points for businesses.


In order to design and organize a website to its optimal functionality, our digital team will develop customized CMS to enable users to contribute, share, control and facilitate data storage, formatting, indexing, publishing, layout, presentation, search and retrieval of data in the form of text, graphics, animation, video, etc.


We adopt a Responsive Web design, which is:

  • Device friendly
  • Content friendly
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Great User Experience
  • Easy to Manage & Cost effective


Our websites balance good design, interesting content and the ability to be found by the search engines. Our SEO specialists ensure that your website has search engine visibility, cross browser compatibility (it works in mobiles and tablets as well as regular computers), user experience and conversion optimization.


Our extensive technology support our managed events including meetings, seminars, conferences, inaugural ceremonies, awards functions, etc. and exhibitions with the following:

  • Online and Onsite registration and printing
  • Software & Hardware
  • On-site AV presentation
  • Equipment delivery and setup
  • Video conferencing technology
  • Coordination of information desk and computer support office
  • Guidance related to technology needs
  • Accounts & Access
  • Communications & Collaboration
  • Network & Storage
  • Support & Training
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